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Do you have trouble falling asleep — or staying asleep? Do you finally get into your bed, lay down on your pillow and drift off to sleep — only to wake up in the middle of the night because the light changes and wakes you up? Do you have a job that requires you to sleep during the day when the sun is shining through your bedroom window?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you could benefit from an eye mask for sleeping. I know because for years I have struggled to fall asleep and to stay asleep. The smallest amount of light wakes me up, and that’s just the beginning, because noises disturb me, too. I’ve also spent many years researching and trying out sleeping eye masks to find out which ones suit the needs of me and my friends and loved ones who also have sleep issues.

I’ve found my sweet dreams with sleep eye masks that really work, and this top 10 guide is designed to give you everything you need to know to purchase one or two that could work for your specific sleep needs. These soft and durable sleep aids are not only safe and comfortable, but they are extremely effective at blocking out light so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Keep in mind that an eye mask does take some getting used to because it will be covering your eyes for a good part of seven hours or more while you sleep. That’s why it’s so important to find one that is comfortable, lightweight and effective in blocking light all in one. You don’t want to wake up the next day with a mask impression around your eyes or have sore ears from an uncomfortable eye mask strap.

If you’re looking for the perfect eye mask for sleeping, then read on to get my top 10 masks and to read about the strengths and weaknesses of each. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of the ones you should try — because let’s face it, if you need an eye mask to sleep, it’s always good to have an extra one on hand!

Let’s get started with my best eye masks for sleeping:

Eye Mask #1:  For Endless Zzzzz’s

Hamalaya Eye Mask

What impressed me the most about the Hamalaya eye mask is its oversized design and soft fabric combination – at a budget price. I would recommend this eye mask to any consumer who cannot afford the more pricey masks but still wants a comfortable and effective mask.

The Hamalaya eye mask is made from natural silk, which gives it its softness and makes it perfect for sleepers with sensitive skin. Another benefit of the natural silk fabric is that it does not retain heat like some other masks made from heavier materials. The silk fabric has an interlocking pile that allows the mask to breathe. That means you’ll stay cool while you sleep!

Eye Mask #2: Nap Time

NapForm Eye Mask with BioSense Memory Foam

What I love about the NapForm Eye Mask is that it is so soft and natural feeling. It literally feels like the softest pair of socks are stretched across your eyes, and it truly is divine! It is made out of a memory foam by BioSense, which makes it ideal for flexing around your face and remembering the unique curves of your face.

It also is lightweight and is easy to pack because of the materials that are used to make it.

Another great feature of the NapForm eye mask is the way it has been engineered. It has a thick yet soft band that stretches around your head and attaches with elastic and Velcro tabs.

The front of the mask is wider than most masks, making it an incredible tool for blocking out light. Every time I put it on, I open my eyes and all I can see is blackness.

Now, the cons of the NapForm eye mask are that you can’t throw it in the washing machine.

Once I accidentally split a soda that was on my bedside table all over my eye mask, and I had to soak it in my sink and clean it by hand. The reason you can’t through a NapForm eye mask into the washing machine is that you risk loosing the unique fit it acquires from your face and it loses its elasticity.

Eye Mask #3: Be a Dreamer

Kinzi Dream Weave Eye Mask

The Kinzi Dream Weave eye mask is a great choice for sleepers who encounter migraine headaches. In fact, it is a top pick among customers who identify with this condition. The reason is that it works so well for these customers is that it is lightweight and is made from a contoured “dream weave” fabric that is soft and has a thick pile.

The Kinzi Dream Weave does a great job of blocking out light because of its contoured design. And there’s a bonus when you buy this soft and lightweight sleeping mask: You get a carrying case to protect it and take with you when you travel and a pair of earplugs. It’s a win-win.

Eye Mask #4: Get Silky With It


I recently came about an eye mask by Sleep Fountain that is made from a unique copper and mulberry silk cloth. This is the silkiest eye mask I’ve come upon that doesn’t feel like its cheap. The Sleep Fountain eye mask is made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk and also is infused with copper elements to help give your face a facial all the while you sleep!

This eye mask is known to target wrinkles and dark eye circles while also softening your skin

But what about blocking light? I can tell you that I was impressed with the size of the mask, which covers the entire swath of your eye area and is extremely effective at blocking at light. It also is very convenient to roll up and pack – so that you can slip it into your purse, carry-on or even your pocket for travel.

As with all of the products on our top three best sleep mask list, this eye mask completely blocks out all light thanks to its large, oversized design. Conversely, while it is still a great eye cover for travel, many people prefer to use it at home because of its bigger size.

I would recommend this mask for any of you out there who have sensitive skin.

Eye Mask #5: Side Sleepers Unite?

Dream Essentials Eye Mask

When I came across the sleep mask from Dream Essentials known as the “Sweet Dreams Lightweight” mask, I was floored. And let me tell, I don’t get floored easily. Eye masks are, in some ways, all the same. They often are made of similar, soft materials because no one is going to buy an eye mask that doesn’t feel good on your face.

But in other ways they can be drastically different — and that’s where the Dream Essentials eye mask really comes through for me. It’s a great mask if you are a side sleeper. I discovered this because I’m usually not a side sleeper, but I gave it to my husband to try and he loved it. More on that in just a bit, but first a little about the construction of this eye mask:

This soft mask is made from a polyester-foam material that allows it to fit to your face. When you put it over your eyes, it fits snugly. Best of all, it is among the lowest-priced eye masks among the ones I’ve tested.

What you have to remember about the less expensive sleep masks is that they can irritate your skin because they are made from cheaper materials, they may not last as long as the more expensive masks, and they may not stay in place.

The one big con I can tell you honestly about the Dream Essentials mask is that because it is not engineered as well as some of the other masks, it can come off your face more easily as you are sleeping. The light-blocking function is great, but if you are a restless sleeper, this may not be the perfect mask for you.

I also would say this is a great mask for people who traditionally sleep on their side. Why? Because with your head firmly against your pillow and pressed down against it on your side, you’ll be able to keep this mask more firmly in place and hopefully keep it from coming off your face and waking you up in the middle of the night.

Eye Mask #6: Sleep Sitting Up

Restoration Lightweight Mask


If you’re like me, you are most comfortable sleeping when you are laying down. Now, some people like to sleep on their sides. Other people like to sleep on their backs. Most people don’t like to sleep sitting up — but unfortunately, if you buy the Restoration Lightweight eye mask, you probably are going to have to sit up to feel most comfortable. I’ll get to that in a moment because there are some attributes of the Restoration Lightweight eye mask. Here goes:

The Restoration Lightweight mask also makes my list of economical sleep masks that block out light well. However, there are two main downsides that I see to this sleep mask. The first is that the Restoration Lightweight is quite bulky. It’s nearly impossible to sleep on your side with this sleep eye mask on – and if you do fall asleep, your face may be sore in the morning!

I did try this eye mask on an international flight, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to wear it in public because it was so large in bulky. But the Restoration Lightweight is comfortable and lightweight – and on my back or sitting up, it does the job of blocking light just perfectly.

Eye Mask #7: Throw It in the Washing Machine

SleepTight Eye Mask

Sometimes I get so tired of wearing a sleep eye mask that I have to hand wash all the time. The bottom line is that when you wear a sleep eye mask every night, it’s going to get dirty because your face and your forehead sweats while you sleep. So every week, I have to fill up my sink and hand wash my eye masks.

Then I came across the SleepTight eye mask. You probably know what I’m about to right — and I’m so happy about it!

Hands down the very best attribute of the SleepTight eye mask from G7 is how easy it is to clean. You can throw this eye mask directly into the washing machine, and it will still come out in one piece like it was new. It is so durable.

What I also like about it is that it has an oversized design that makes it perfect for fitting over your entire eye area to block light. It is soft and durable – and I love that I can roll it up and pack it with my carry-on items. A bonus gift comes when you purchase the SleepTight eye mask, as well—a set of ear plugs to make sure noise doesn’t bother you while you sleep!

Eye Mask #8: Bridge Support 101

Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask

I tried the Bedtime Bliss eye mask, and I’ll tell you that I liked the lightweight feel of the mask and the comfortable contouring. The mask also did a good job of blocking out light—but it wasn’t pitch black, so just keep that it mind if you need complete darkness to go to sleep or you are very sensitive to light waking you up.

I do think this mask also is a good choice because it fits a wide range of heads, so you can share the mask with a loved one you may share a bed with or with a friend you are traveling with, if need be. It’s probably going to fit them, too.

The Bedtime Bliss eye mask has a padded bridge support to add further comfort and most importantly, to keep the eye mask from sliding off your face during the middle of the night. It does not press down on your eyelids because of the bridge support, which is a top complaint among many eye masks that don’t have that added support. When you buy your Bedtime Bliss eye mask, you’ll get a carrying case and a set of ear plugs.

Eye Mask #9: Compact All the Way

Drift to Sleep Eye Mask

Drift to Sleep makes a sleep eye mask that breaks away from the traditional, bulkier eye masks that take up the majority of the eye masks on this list. The Drift to Sleep eye mask, however, still retains the softness and comfort that is the standard for all quality eye masks.

What I like about this eye mask is how compact it is while it still is designed with a contouring that will fit your face. The one downside: This eye mask has a foam border that sticks out a little so it may not be the most comfortable eye mask for a consumer who sleeps on his or her side. I also liked that this eye mask came with not one, but two sets of ear plugs so you have a backup if one gets lost!

Eye Mask #10: Be a Sleep Master

Sleep Master Mask

I recently came across an eye mask called the Sleep Master, and I have to tell you it is one of my favorites of the bunch. Now, there are downsides to every eye mask, but this is a high-quality, highly-engineered mask and the creators really put a lot of care into thinking about how the consumer was going to wear this mask and sleep in it. Let’s get down to the details:

First, I have to warn you that the Sleep Master eye mask is bulky and not engineered with the most stylish design – but wow, can this eye mask block light.

It’s also super soft and is made with breathable satin fabric that make it easy and pleasurable to wear. I also like the snug fit I get with the eye mask thanks to the easy-to-secure Velcro strap.

Finally, this eye mask has unique padding that blocks noise – making it a great option for sleepers who are not only woken easily by light but also by noise. One cool trick: I sometimes put in ear plugs and then secure them by pulling the Velcro straps of the Sleep Master over them. This is a sleeping home run in my book!

Ready to Go to Sleep Yet?

Is it time for bed yet? Most of us with sleep disorders or issues dread going to bed. We don’t want to fall asleep only to wake up and lose more sleep. We want to fall asleep like in the movies and wake up rested. That’s why a great sleep eye mask is so important.

It helps eliminate the factors that keep you up or wake you up and gives you the opportunity to truly fall into a deep sleep. You deserve that — and you can get there with the right eye mask on your face!

With these top 10 best eye masks for sleep, you’ll wish it was. Finding the right eye mask for sleeping is so important simply because of the amount of time it is on your face. You need an eye mask that goes the extra mile in comfort and effectiveness. And, you don’t want an eye mask that is just going to fall apart in a month after you wash it a few times.

If you’re ready to experience restful sleep — and avoid being woken up by bright lights flashing in your window or that sunrise as it pops up announcing a new day, then one of these 10 eye masks could be the very answer you’ve been looking for tonight. Do your own research. Many of these eye masks are economical enough that you can buy a few and test them out to see if they meet your sleep needs!

Keep my top 10 recommendations in mind as you search for your perfect eye mask to meet your sleep and rest needs. And, it never hurts to pick up a few and try them out because there is always the chance that you’ll leave one behind or lose one if you’re on the move.

I hope you’ll find rest like I have with a few of these super dependable sleep eye masks. Here’s to a dreamy sleep tonight!

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