LUCID 3-Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper Review

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Because buying a new, quality bed costs quite a bit, people often try to extend the life of an old bed or soften one they soon discovered was too firm for their liking. One of the many products designed for this purpose is the LUCID 3-Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper. Hypoallergenic  and constructed for endurance, this topper has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price. Besides using as your primary mattress topper, it also works great on your lesser quality guest bed or as an enhancement for a sofa bed.

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The fill offers a great alternative to natural down which can trigger allergic reactions while the quills have a way of poking you through the cover. It stays in place on the mattress and fluffs up easily after use. It may sleep a bit too warm in the summer, depending on your preferences, but so do memory foam mattresses and toppers. However, due to the wide range of comfort levels during sleep, it may feel perfectly comfortable to some, cool to others and too hot for a few.


Top Features

  • LUCID 3 Inch High Plush Down Alternative topperMicrofiber fill that serves as an alternative to natural down, memory foam, polyester and latex
  • Constructed with a sturdy 250 thread count one hundred percent cotton percale cover on both sides
  • The edges are piped for easy adjustments on the bed
  • Baffle box stitching that keeps the fill from shifting and clumping
  • Thick elastic straps to hold the topper in place over the mattress
  • Made to be machine washed and dried
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Best Things About It

  • LUCID 3 Inch High Plush Down Alternative bed topperThe microfiber fill replaces down, polyester and other fills that mat down and lose their loft. Nothing in this product pokes you through the cover or permanently compresses to create thin areas.
  • It sleeps cooler than memory foam. Memory foam mattresses tend to trap body heat and become uncomfortable, but the LUCID allows for breathability and air circulation. Using it can be a good way to put a little comfortable separation between your body and your memory foam mattress for a cooler night.
  • The hypoallergenic qualities prevent suffering for those who can’t handle natural down or the irritation from out-gassing petroleum-based memory foam.
  • Because the baffle box stitching creates compartments for the fill, it holds the it in place, retains its loft and allows for air circulation.
  • It fits well on the mattress and is held tightly in place with the elastic corner bands. It stays put on the mattress without having to add your own home-made system to anchor the corners. Changing positions during the night is no problem. The topper will stay where it’s supposed to be.
  • The piping along the edges is good for gripping so it can be placed and rotated on the bed until it is properly situated.
  • Not having to dry clean is a great plus. It can be machine washed and dried. But don’t try to wash this in your home machine. Take it to a laundromat where you can rent a large washer and dryer that can give it the room it needs to come totally clean and fluffed again. Also, throw a tennis ball into the dryer to punch up the fill as it dries.
  • The construction is sturdy but still lightweight enough to easily handle and shake out.
  • The price was right, much like what you would expect to pay for a comforter and far less than some inferior toppers on the market.
  • Most importantly, it provides the softness needed when inner spring beds age out or the bed in question was never soft enough for comfort.
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The Not So Great Parts

  • You need to let it expand for 48 hours before you use it, so you have to wait 2 more days after its arrival before you can start enjoying it.
  • It has a chemical odor when first unpacked; however, the smell dissipates while allowing it to expand in the first two days. Once covered by the sheet, any residual odor is unnoticeable.
  • It’s pretty light-weight, so daily fluffing is in order to prevent mash-down.

Recommended For

  • LUCID 3 Inch High Plush Down Alternative bed topperPeople with allergies to down or memory foam
  • Small to medium-sized people
  • Air mattresses
  • Sofa beds
  • Old, flattened mattresses
  • Somewhat hard mattresses
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Not Recommended For

  • Very large people
  • People who are very sensitive to trapped body heat
  • Extra-hard mattresses

Review Summary

The LUCID 3-Inch Down Alternative Fiber Bed Topper is a great way to save some money if your once-comfortable bed reached the end of its life but you’re not quite ready to buy a new one. With the baffled compartments, the topper retains its loft for quite some time and is easily shaken out to bring it back to its full loft. The heat-trapping quality is considerably less than with other toppers and mattress types, so for those who can adjust to a little extra heat, it may be completely unnoticeable to them.

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